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All of my work is taken directly from nature. As I walk my dogs by the seashore, or through the woods, I observe, collect objects, take photos, make sketches in the field and take notes to use as reference points.

My work is intricately stitched from lengths of thread, wool and recycled fabrics, which have been ‘distressed’ into tiny pieces. I take each single length of wool or scrap of net, or cloth and then free-embroider them together, using my machine. As I add individual threads, the fabric grows and develops into something unique. I use my machine as an artist would use a brush; my threads and wool are my paints.

When I have enough fabric for my desired object, I construct a framework to support it and then embellish the finished sculpture with a wide variety of hand stitching. The wide range of fabrics incorporated gives each piece a unique depth of colour and texture.